Monday, June 9, 2014

First Frontier Co-op Buying Club Order

Our first Frontier Co-op order arrived the other day. I sorted it in my living room. It was like Christmas! See that plaid bag? That's my new Blue Q Messenger Bag! It was hot over the weekend - a perfect time to try the lemonade mix which came in a silver pouch. I have some extra spices which I'm hoping to sell. I felt very industrious weighing them out into baggies and making labels for them.

We will probably wait until August before we place another order. Local readers, let me know if you're interested.

Over the weekend, Chuck attended CommonBound, New Economy Coalition's conference in Boston. He met people from all over the country and talked about his video work and our Makerspace project. (We need to have another gathering to plan our next pop-up event!) Chuck was most impressed with the workshop he attended called "Deep Social Enterprise: Maximizing Impact through Structure and Governance" led by Marjorie Kelly from The Democracy Collaborative and Janelle Orsi from the Sustainable Economies Law Center. They emphasized the importance of by-laws for organizations before they start operating.

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